Design² – squaring the circle of design


Simply put what we offer is: Communication, concept, creation – understand, plan, do. In exactly that order. Our range of services is tailored to the ever changing and expanding needs of each customer. We learn from you daily and we like that.


communication design

  • creativity
    We are imaginative problem solvers. We focus, design and facilitate your visual communication with a sense of proportion and tact.

  • media skills
    We think cross-format and cross-media. With in-depth knowledge, creative powers and experience, we meet the channel-specific requirements.

  • strategies
    We act purposefully. With foresight, we find the right channel, impulse and means to convey your content authentically and clearly to the outside world.

  • communication skills
    We make messages understandable. With creativity and empathy, we use communication paths and marketing channels effectively and effectively.

  • effective copy writing
    We make the most of your content. Using your detailed input, we write and edit your text authentically, clearly and optimized for search engines.

Design² GbR – Martina Hahn & Volker Heupel – Kommunikationsdesign

communication design for you!


brand design

  • conception
    We proceed systematically. With an eye on the essentials, we bring brands into shape and develop design guidelines that have proven themselves in practice.

  • uniqueness
    We sharpen your profile. With original design, we create attention, recognizability and an authentic image for your brand identity.

  • effectiveness
    We know what works. With years of training and experience, we design for the real world, not the ideal world.

Design² GbR – Martina Hahn & Volker Heupel – Markendesign

brand design for you!


web design

  • attractiveness
    We make really nice websites … with short loading times, clear structure, appealing content and cleverly placed moments of surprise.

  • quality
    We pay attention to details. With care and a clean technical implementation, we achieve a harmonious interplay of content and function.

  • development
    We stay on top of things. With a desire to learn, we always add technical, stylistic and legal developments to our radar and work sustainably.

Design² GbR – Martina Hahn & Volker Heupel – Webdesign

web design for you!


graphic design

  • corporate identity
    We design your logo. With a coherent corporate design, we lay the foundation for a concise appearance that is convincing and stays in the memory.

  • office equipment
    We beautify correspondence. With professional business papers, your corporate communication is impressive at first as well as at second glance.

  • illustrations
    We make facts clear. With hand-made graphics, icons and images, we ensure that your company presentation is distinctive.

  • magazines, catalogs and brochures
    We love printed matter. You can reach your customers with neat product catalogs, informative image brochures and appealing magazines.

  • leaflets, folders, flyers
    We believe in uniqueness. With every flyer or leaflet, we create something new – from conception to paper, format and layout to printing.

  • ad design
    We make your advertisements eye-catching. Your messages will stand out with inventive ads for brands, products or jobs – for print and on the internet.

  • posters, banners, roll-ups and displays
    We draw attention to you. With a clear focus, we ensure that the essential information can be captured at first glance.

  • labelling and signage
    We present you on site. You can strengthen your profile at the company location and beyond with individually designed labels and signs.

  • packaging design
    We show what you are made of. With imaginative packaging and clever staging, you make the value of your products tangible.

  • merchandise
    We care for your rand merchandise. Present your company to your customers with unusual, trendy and classic promotional items, give-aways and gifts.

Design² GbR – Martina Hahn & Volker Heupel – Grafikdesign

graphic design for you!